3 Invaluable Tips For Collecting Coins

Coin collecting isn't a new hobby, but people who love it will tell you that it's an exciting one all the same. There are no shortage of interesting coins from around the world to discover, and everyone's collection is bound to be unique. That said, the sheer volume of information regarding coin collecting means that important advice often isn't taken into account, and therefore beginner coin collectors can miss out on some crucial tips. So keep reading below for some invaluable info every collector should keep in mind.

Grading Light

If you want to determine the value of a coin, you'll need to follow the proper steps to grade it. Many people who collect coins are intimately familiar with all the aspects of grading, but nonetheless don't go through the grading process in proper conditions. For example, you may find that coin collectors will attempt to grade a coin in a fully lit room. But optimum conditions for grading require a very dark room with a single 100 watt incandescent bulb close to the coin. This, combined with a hand lens, will allow you to see the coin as it really is.


Sometimes you don't have the opportunity to independently grade a coin before purchasing it. In this case, you should only buy from a coin company or an individual who offers a guarantee of your money back (in full) if you don't like the coin you've purchased. In some cases, you might find the coin to look differently than you imagined it to; in others, you might disagree with the third party grading assessment. But regardless, don't accept a guarantee that gives you fewer than thirty days to evaluate and return the coin if you so choose.


Once you have purchased some coins, you'll need somewhere to put them. While throwing them in an old shoe box might be the easiest solution, it's far from the best. So to properly protect your investment, you'll need to search out and buy equipment of the kind that is used in professional archives. This might be anything like folders, album pages, storage boxes, or presentation cases. But no matter how you store your various coins, remember that they should be protected from outside elements, including harsh light and humid air. There's no point in starting a coin collection if you don't also invest in the equipment needed to keep them in good condition.

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