Understanding The Bail Bonds Process: What You Should Know

If a love one has been arrested, he or she may have had their bail set by a judge. The bail amount often depends on several factors, such as the severity of the specific crime committed and whether or not the person has been in trouble with the law in the past. If that amount is a bit more than you can currently afford to spend trying to help them get out of jail, you may be interested in looking into bail bonds. With this option, you could receive the money needed to get your loved one home for the time being, but there are some things you should know about this process.

The Bail Bonds Application Process

When applying for bail bonds, it is important to provide details about the individual who is locked up, including their full name and the reason they were arrested. You will need to provide information about yourself as well because you will be considered the guarantor. As the guarantor, you agree to be held responsible for the actions of your loved one. The bondsman is willing to provide bail for this client under the agreement that the money will be paid back and the individual who was arrested will not become a fugitive during their time out of jail.

If your loved one decides to run after getting out of jail instead of showing up for any future court dates, you may have to pay fines and fees. As long as the person you are helping follows the rules, you should not have any problems.

Are There Fees Involved?

The bondsman may request that you pay a certain amount that would get put toward the bail for this individual. The amount that you would need to pay would only be a small percentage of the total bail amount that has been set by the judge. In addition to paying a smaller percentage of the full total, you would also need to provide collateral to the bondsman.

The reason you need to provide collateral is to prove that the money borrowed will get paid off with no problem. Some of the valuables you could use as collateral include any vehicles you own as well as any valuable jewelry. Some people are even willing to use their homes as collateral. The bondsman might offer payment arrangements so that it is easier for you to make payments instead of trying to pay thousands of dollars back at once.

If you have a loved one who has found themselves dealing with some legal trouble, it may be necessary to apply for bail bonds. You could help the individual get out of jail until their next court date, which gives them a bit more time to discuss things over with their lawyer. The process is a simple one designed to help those who cannot afford the full cost of the bail that has been set for them.

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